Dreambox Web-X-TV streaming for enigma1

Do you have problems with streaming from the Dreambox to PC with Web-X-TV? I have experienced the following problems:

A.    Often the streaming doesn't start correctly resulting in no picture. If trying to switch channels a few times, it will start streaming.

B.     Sometimes when the streaming starts, there are pixel faults immediately.

C.     Sometimes the picture is perfect in the beginning, but after some time you get some pixel faults and after that the picture is disturbed all the time and never getting good again.

Improved streaming quality 

I have fixed most occurances of these problems (problem A and B can still appear sometimes, but not at all as frequently as before).  You will get much better streaming with less artifacts than before.  At only 9,90 Euro, you can buy this improved streamts. Just click the button below to make your payment with Paypal or credit card, and I will email you the software. If you buy the software, you will get a license for all future upgrades as well. If you have any questions, you are welcome to mail to beopc@hotmail.com.



I have also made it possible to stream HD TV channels to PC for viewing there (the Dreambox is not capable of dispaying HD TV).  The receiver must be able to receive the HD TV channel (i.e. it must be a HD TV channel broadcasted with DVB-S and not DVB-S2).  The only channels tested with so far are Canal+ Film HD (Nordic) and Astra HDTV Promo.  These seems to work stable, if you want to watch other HD TV channels and this is of major importance for you, please contact me before ordering. Note that HD TV streaming require very good performance from your network and computer, so depending on the environment it might work more or less good. Some HD TV channels sned with DVB-S but mpeg-4 coded, which requires a lot of more CPU power from the computer. I have been able to watch these channels briefly, but because my computer doesn't keep up with the speed well, it interrupts after a short time.


I have now also included multicast capability in the streamts program.  You enable it by adding the parameter “-multicast” after “-ts” in the inetd.conf file, so it reads “streamtsts –multicast”.  If you do this, Web-X-TV will not give you any TV output, but is anyhow necessary (on at least one machine) to navigate the channels.  To see the TV channels, you open VLC media player and select to Open network stream and select UDP/RTP-multicast and enter the IP address and port 31351.  You can do this on several machines in the same network and they will all see the same output.  With Web-X-TV you can change channels as usual.

Subtitle streaming

You can also stream subtitles to Windows clients (requires gSub by Gruffy) or to any VLC client 0.8.6b (or later).